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Thinning your Gorilla Glue


I was sort of noodling on a couple different ideas in my brain and a couple of them
collided midthought and it dawned on me that, in an effort to counteract the
difficulty of spreading out the GG evenly and over-applying it, perhaps it could
be thinned with some denatured alcohol to facilitate rail lay ups.

I did a test with some foam to foam and foam to laminated skin and it seemed
to work, at least in the sense that it still foamed, hardened and provided a
seemingly identical (unscientifically speaking) bond as the control pieces.

so why shouldn't I be doing this?

Because on rails it can foam unevenly and make gaps between layers, making a mess out of an otherwise nice outline.  Ask me how I know.   ;)

I do all layers of both rails with RR epoxy, bagged on, in one shot.   It's a bit tedious to set it all up, but I know it'll be a good bond.

I've become acutely aware over the past few hours how important that skin and rail bond is...

My latest crackpot idea is an enhanced rocker table with two side profilers....bag the skins
but (essentially) clamp the rails with a large, flat surface that is accurately mapped to the
outline profile.

I still can't think of a quick and clean way to get all my rail pieces cut in such a way that
bagging wouldn't totally bork the glue up.

Perhaps the board is suspended or supported with enough clearance around the rails to allow
for the rail overage...

...or perhaps I'm trying to over-tool a necessary evil...

I tried thinning GG with denatured alcohol and it went off, as in got hot....  Not quite what I expected.  Bond seemed to be normal.  I was in the process of adding width to an old poly sailboard to make a SUP and needed a large amount of glue for foam to foam bonds. 


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